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Modern laser lenses and optics

Precision optics from ARO

Electro-optical and precision optics are widely used in various fields of science and technology, for example, in the development of measuring instruments for use in agriculture, solar energy, marine research, and industry. This complex represents several laboratories that work in the field of inertial thermonuclear fusion using laser sources. Electro-optical and high-precision optical components used in such research are being developed by ARO. Also, such equipment is widely used in various scientific research, aerospace, and defense industries, in the development of medical equipment. Such precision optics for sale you can find on our website.

High-quality laser lenses in US and how to distinguish them?

Laser lenses are a small magnifying glass, flat on one side and convex on the other (concave-convex models are also found, but are used less often). The most popular laser lens materials are gallium arsenide (GaAs) and zinc selenide (ZnSe). Both compounds are resistant to mechanical stress and high-temperature loads, however, gallium arsenide optics are considered to be more durable.The range of focusing lenses for a laser machine includes products from several types of materials, with different types of spraying, as well as different diameters and degrees of convexity.

High energy ND: YAG laser mirrors

Nd YAG laser mirror is manufactured by ARO using high-frequency fused silica and super-hard dielectric coatings. They can withstand high-energy pulses and also have an extremely high damage threshold. With the help of well-established production, we can produce these mirrors in industrial volumes and provide them at the request of any private company, both for medical purposes and for the military. At the moment, ARO is one of the most reliable suppliers of these mirrors and can also produce them taking into account the custom parameters that will be required for a particular scientific project.

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